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Celebrating Health Care Workers 2020: Carmen Trotter

Throughout 2020 we are shining the spotlight on some of our incredible Health Care team. This week we profile Executive Assistant Carmen Trotter.

Your name:

Carmen Trotter

Your Role:

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer and Director of Clinical Services

Tell us about your health care career:

I've been with Healthe Care Australia for 9 years.

What is your philosophy?

Always leave people better than I find them.

What do you like most about your job?

Being able to help people. Know their stories and help/support where needed. People are my passion, as such a HR/EA role provides me with daily opportunities, challenges and rewards in assisting staff, patients and their loved ones.

Tell us about your Health Care journey and experiences:

Progressive - Initially Reception/Admin - Return to Work - Occupational Rehab – Currently HR/EA governance and frontline business management. I am always seeking new challenges and the opportunity to upskill.

What inspired you to work in health?

Health aligns with my personal philosophy of helping people as well as I'm interested in working for a large local employer because of opportunities for career growth.

What are your proudest health care achievements?

Playing an active role in health promotion to our local community – Mental Health Month, Breast Cancer Awareness and Movember just to name a few. Being part of a robust company that gives back to our local community through sponsorship and fundraising campaigns.