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What comes after a stroke?

This week is National Stroke Week but do we know what comes after a stroke? Suffering a stroke can have a mild or long lasting impact on just about every aspect of your life, affecting what you do, think and feel.

You may experience mild or severe fatigue, depression and anxiety, difficulties in thinking and memory, muscle spasticity resulting in stiff and tight or involuntary jerking muscles. This can impact your relationships and require changes in lifestyle, routines and roles.

Taking those initial steps towards a new way of life can be confusing or difficult to implement in the busy everyday life of work and family. If you have previously suffered a stroke it may also be harder to get all the nutrients you need, due to limited mobility with your arms or hands, you may have problems with your memory which might lead to forgetting to drink or eat, you may lose your appetite or have trouble swallowing.

Recover with specialist rehabilitation

A Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist along with the help of Allied Health Professionals can help you manage the impact of your stroke . They can give you advice on treatment, rehabilitation and lifestyle changes that need to happen as a result of suffering a stroke.

Mayo Private Hospital, Taree and Forster Private Hospital provide a comprehensive range of rehabilitation programs. Our multidisciplinary team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, exercise physiologists, speech pathologists, nurses, and medical practitioners who work together to support individuals to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

The Neurological Rehabilitation program is designed to meet the needs of people following a neurological injury or illnesses such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and Parkinson’s disease. The program aims to assist individuals obtain an optimal level of independence through thorough assessment and the subsequent development of a rehabilitation program encompassing both individual and group therapy sessions. In addition to these regular therapy sessions individuals have access to hydrotherapy and will also be empowered to complete self-initiated exercise where appropriate.

Inpatient program structure

Initial base capacity assessment within 24 hours of admission by one of the specialist rehabilitation team and a Geriatrician or Rehabilitation Specialist.

Holistic team approach to treatment and supporting you following your deterioration in function

Daily therapy from all disciplines as indicated, 6 days a week (or as tolerated) - hydrotherapy also available

Discharge planning into a safe and supportive environment and referral into our specialised reconditioning day program

Click the link for information on our Rehabilitation Programs.

How to access the programs

If you or a family member are recovering from injury or a serious illness as result of stroke and need help, give our friendly Allied Health Professionals a call or ask your General Practitioner or Specialist to refer you to our program.

Private health fund, DVA, SIRA and TAC referrals are accepted. Eligibility and funding requests are arranged prior to admission.

If you have an excess or co-payment with your health insurance, you will be required to pay this at the time of admission.

Self pay options are available if you are not covered by private health insurance.

Please contact our friendly team on 02 6551 0055 for further assistance.

For further information, please refer to:

Our rehabilitation team is committed to helping individuals regain their independence and function after major neurological surgery or injury. We have a well-equipped gymnasium, hydrotherapy pool and an independent living assessment area where you can practise the skills you need to manage at home.
- Dr Vivek Gupta
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Dr Vivek Gupta

Spinal, Neurological, General Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Specialising in traumatic and nontraumatic back or spinal cord injury, neurological conditions such as stroke, post elective traumatic and other orthopaedic surgeries, spasticity management, pre and post amputation rehabilitation, orthotics prescription and cancer rehabilitation.

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Dr Rajen Ragavan

Rehabilitation Medicine Physician

Chronic neck and back pain, postoperative rehabilitation after orthopaedic and spinal surgery, and stroke and spinal injury rehabilitation.

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