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Improved admission processes for Mayo Private patients

Mayo Private Hospital recently opened the door to the new patient bookings office. A comfortable and confidential space where patients can make arrangements for their upcoming admission.

Our friendly bookings officer will take you through the patient admission process from start to finish, including any pre-admission appointments, to ensure all pre-admission processes are co-ordinated with minimal inconvenience to you.

The patient bookings office is a private space that brings a more streamlined admission process for patients by providing:

  • a dedicated staff member for accepting patient booking-related calls and appointments
  • comprehensive support covering patient admissions from start to finish
  • a comfortable and confidential space where patients can talk freely to the patient booking officer

To help ensure the best possible admission experience, patients should be encouraged to contact the booking office on 6539 4210 well in advance of coming to the Mayo.

For more information on admissions and for the online admission form visit