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Push for better mental health

Tracie Tang, Practice Manager for Dr Birgit Strong and her team the MAJENTA - MACHINES are pushing for better mental health, raising funds and awareness by joining the Push Up Challenge.

"My motivation for doing the challenge is to raise awareness for mental health firstly, particularly suicide, with the statistic that 3318 Australians committed suicide in 2019, which is why we are completing 3318 pushups in 25 days!"

Tracie has already smashed out 1,259 push ups across 10 days- Ah-MAZING!!

I have family and friends who have been touched by suicide and I am all about getting the message out there that there is plenty of help available. By doing this challenge, it gets the community reading and learning more about mental health amongst their community, family and friends. It is also a great way to tone up the old arms!! (and make them extremely sore!)

Together the team have completed a legendary 12,609 push ups and counting.

"Exercise is important for our mental health! So hopefully our arms can withstand the next 25 days and we can raise awareness and money for mental health!!" says Tracie.

Click the link to support Tracie and her team https://www.thepushupchallenge...


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