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Dr Krishan Gupta


  • General Medicine
  • Respiratory Physician
  • Sleep Medicine

Dr Krishan Gupta is a specialist in Respiratory & Sleep Medicine (FRACP), as well as General Medicine(FRACP). He is the Director of SomnoScience Sleep Services, a sleep lab for sleep studies in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), with snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Dr Gupta initially trained as MD in Pulmonary Medicine and TB in Delhi, India and subsequently retrained in John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle. He has worked at John Hunter Hospital for 7 years as registrar and then staff specialist before moving to Taree.

His areas of interest include:

  • Chronic cough, Airways diseases (including COPD, Asthma), Bronchiectasis, Interstitial Lung Diseases, Lung Cancer and atypical lung infections
  • Sleep Disordered Breathing (including OSA, CSA and Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome), Insomnia, parasomnias, hypersomnia (Narcolepsy), restless Legs Syndrome etc
  • Procedures including Bronchoscopy, Intercostal Chest Drains etc

Dr Gupta holds multiple leadership roles including the Chair of Manning Hospital Medical Staff Council and Director of Physicians Education, Manning Base Hospital, Educational Supervisor with Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Conjoint Lecturer at University of Newcastle, Newcastle. He has multiple research publications in international journals and keeps himself up-to-date with latest in the fields of Respiratory, Sleep and General Medicine.

He lives locally in Taree with his family and is striving to provide a comprehensive Respiratory and Sleep Services so that Locals are treated Locally in most convenient and affordable manner.

Dr Gupta's Respiratory & Sleep clinics are located in Mayo Private Hospital, Taree and Forster Private Hospital as well as he consults monthly at Lingard Specialist Centre and Singleton Hospital.

Sleep referrals and consult appointments via Mayo Specialist Centre.

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All bookings require in date GP or specialist referral.

Mayo Specialist Centre
2 Potoroo Drive, Taree NSW 2430
(Back carpark opposite Bettong Drive)

Phone: 02 6552 0071
Fax: 02 6552 0091