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Our experienced team of Specialist Physicians, Rehabilitation Physicians, Geriatricians, Psychiatrists, Rehabilitation, Medical, Nursing and Allied Health professionals deliver expert care to help you on the road to recovery.

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Purpose built, modern facilities and quality care with a personal touch. Mayo Private Hospital's specialist teams are experienced in providing high quality medical, rehabilitation and mental health care.

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Patient Stories

We always welcome feedback about the care we provide our patients.

I was finding it very difficult as I arrived into Mayo Private Hospital.
Struggling to walk through the main corridor, a lovely lady Janita-The Director of Clinical Services stopped on her way and offered her assistance, she sat me into a chair and brought a wheelchair and personally took me to my room.
I was overwhelmed by her caring gesture, she gave me so much reassurance.
Thank you to Janita for going above and beyond in identifying my distress and providing excellent care.


My surgery with Doctor Simon Abson in Mid December 2018 have exceeded my expectations.
Dr Abson is professional, caring and a wealth of knowledge, he is confident and reassuring- i felt so safe in his hands.
The staff that assisted him in theatre were inspired by him and excited to see me regain my life, they gently cheered me on.
I am so impressed that Mayo Private Hospital provides to our community exceptional services like this, skilled surgeons and nursing teams that are driven and passionate about health.
Well done Mayo.

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Focus Magazine on Mental Health Month at Mayo Private Hospital: Share the Journey

Mental Health Month held in October each year is an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing. The theme this year is “Share the Journey”, and it is all about ways we can connect with people to provide support for each other on our journey to live better.

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Mayo & Foster Private Hospitals deliver better health care to Barrington Coast communities

Healthe Care is “people first, people always” and here at Forster and Mayo Private Hospitals, we take pride in our motto and strive to deliver the best in health care to the Barrington Coast communities.

Focus Magazine feature article, 2019

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Mayo Private Hospital Welcomes New CEO Ben Uprichard

Ben Uprichard, Chief Executive Officer interview featured in Focus Magazine, Men in Business, July 2019

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1 April 2018 Changes to Private Health Insurance

From 1 April 2018, the Australian Government will start to make changes to private health insurance. This is a positive step towards better mental health.

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